O'Dea Medical Hormone Centers
John O'Dea, MD is an endocrinologist who has been treating transgender patients and hormonally disrupted cisgender women for many years.
Dr. John O'Dea, MD
Lic #A32629
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Our Goal

Our goal is to safely and effectively satisfy the needs of our transgender patients. These needs differ from patient to patient. Some women want their penises to disappear while others want the penis not only to stay, but to work effectively. We can deliver a faster, safer and more natural road to feminization, without destroying penile function.

We serve all persons without bias, helping our patients to preserve or eliminate function, whichever is their preference. We do not stand as "gatekeepers" to your jouney, but rather as a trusted partner in your transition.

Our Results

Plastic surgery and silicone injections alone offer only a superficial veneer of femininity that simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. What may pass well enough in an airbrushed photograph just doesn’t cut it in the flesh. For those transgender women who will accept nothing less than to look, sound, smell and feel feminine, an effective hormone regimen is a requirement. Femininity cannot be put on like an overcoat, it must come from the inside and work its way to the surface. That is where we come in.

All of the women you will see on this site are my patients. While nobody can guarantee results, our decades of real world clinical experience gives us a depth of knowledge and procedure that few can hope to match.